Creator of The Money Healing Podcast and Create Fulfilling Abundance,

Nadine Zumot, is a Holistic Money Coach who empowers her communities to uplevel their finances, disentangle their self-worth from money, heal their money wounds, to open up and receive the abundance and prosperity that they crave.

Observing how money can ultimately prevent us from moving forward and creating a bigger impact in our world, Nadine nurtures each journey toward healing money wounds with informed awareness and curiosity, all while fostering freedom, alignment, and purpose.

Through deep acknowledgment of money wounds, we are able to heal and integrate shadow aspects of ourselves, this leads us to feel unburdened, and open to more love, creativity, receptivity, self-discovery, clarity, and compassion.

As a byproduct of healing, Money becomes a friend and an ally that facilitates our courageous journey toward expressing our purpose.